It Can Only Get Worse Unless…

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…the Police Wake Up!

Monday Lunchtime: Two injured individuals are taken to the emergency room at Diospi Suyana Hospital. A drunken motorcyclist (of course without a helmet) has driven over a pedestrian.  The initial diagnostic tests are run… CT, ultrasound, laboratory… about 10 employees are busy with the treatment.

Week after week you see more motorbikes on the streets of Curahuasi.  A helmet on the head is a rarity.  Additionally, there is often a second or third rider in the saddle as well as small children.

The police remain completely passive.  Either they do not know the laws or choose to ignore them.  Meanwhile, there are people dying or being injured.  When will the Peruvian police respect the laws of their country and begin to follow the rules of the game?

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What will the CT show? 
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