From One Moment to the Next

Unfall Patient mit Balken slider

Was it a technical failure?

Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  A pick-up truck drives carefully on the gravel road down the mountain.  Three people are sitting in the vehicle and three are standing in the bed of the truck.  The sun is shining.  It is a peaceful afternoon and the six Peruvians are looking forward to their well deserved quitting time.  The work in the Chacra (field) has been strenuous.  Suddenly the truck jerks and for some unknown reason begins to fall down the embankment.  During the fall, the three in the bed of the truck are thrown out.  Those inside fearfully experience the pick-up rolling several times until it finally comes to a stop at the bottom.  One woman dies at the scene, while the other five are rescued by firefighters and brought to Diospi Suyana.

After extensive diagnostics, it is clear that the five have had quite a scare, but only have external injuries. Out of the blue and despite reasonable driving habits, six individuals unsuspectingly met a horrible event.  One dies and five live on.  Why?  Was it bad luck or good fortune, a number in the accident statistics or a fateful tragedy?

In 1974 songwriter Manfred Siebald sang the following song:

The last verse: If at any time, whether late or early, expected or unexpected, my life comes to an end, when my clock hand stops moving, it doesn’t matter how it comes.  Whether I take my last breath on a white pillow or somewhere in dust and blood on the side of the road- I know only that the departure must come.

I also go on, just a little further, Go in joy of God, go into God’s light.
I stayed for a few years as your companion, but now I go on to be with my Lord.

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