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Janet Yachoua and an Inspiration across Continents

The book on Diospi Suyana was published in German in 2010, and as it turned out it became a bestseller. A few months after it was published, actually it was July 30, 2010, I was sitting at my desk at the hospital just letting my mind wander and I was suddenly struck by the thought that it would be a good idea to make the story accessible to an English readership. My thoughts turned to Janet Yachoua, a kind English lady living in Wiesbaden, a town near Frankfurt, for over 25 years. She runs her own translation office and had translated items into English for our website on several occasions in the past. I sent her an email, hesitantly enquiring whether she had even heard of the book and if so, whether she felt she could maybe help with the translation.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the reply came the next day. “Believe it or not, I was just thinking yesterday about translating the book and spent some time praying for you…a couple of hours later you emailed me – sounds like a  divine plan 🙂 When do you need it? / Janet “

I had not had much contact with Janet over the previous two years but she did know the book; in fact, it had been sitting on her desk for a while waiting for the friend she had bought it for to return from holidays. At exactly the same moment when I was in the Andes of Peru carefully wording my email to Janet, she was looking at the book and experienced the inner calling to translate it.

So what do you think she did? Over the next two months she painstakingly translated the entire book into English. The text was then revised by Jennifer Baldwin for an American audience. This English “original“ was the basis for the Spanish version, the youth edition in several different languages as well as the book you are holding in your hands at this moment.

I´d like to add that Janet would not accept any payment for this mammoth task.

If you would like to know how Janet got hooked on this story of providence and wonders, just keep reading. People have been known to read it in one straight sitting through the night.

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