Meeting the President

Palast 2

Who is in charge here?

June 2006 – The Institute of Culture of the region of Apurímac orders construction to stop and threatens Diospi Suyana with a fine of USD 7000,000. They allege that a license absolutely necessary for the construction of the hospital is missing. My hair stands on end. As my wife and I do not really know what to do we take refuge in prayer.

Two weeks later – nobody thought this was possible – we are granted an audience with the wife of the President of Peru, who has just been elected a few days before. The First Lady is deeply moved by the presentation and becomes the patroness of the mission hospital. As a consequence the Institute of Culture abandons the attempt to squeeze money out of us.

April 2008 – After eight months of wrangling with Villarreal University a commission turns down our application for the recognition of our German medical license. Despite the intervention of the Health Minister and Vice Minister the university turns against us and thus against a hospital that has helped and will help thousands of highland Indians. Of course we prayed during that time with great intensity. Was it all in vain?

Only four days after receiving the official letter from Villarreal University , the President of Peru invites us for an audience into the Government Palace. Surprisingly, even the First Lady, Pilar Nores de García is present. When the President hears about our license problems, he takes the matter into his own hands. He himself intervenes on our behalf and with his help we receive the lifetime work permit.

Even as Christians we are not spared fear and anxieties. Psalm 23 speaks about the valley of the shadow of death. We can walk through it, because God is walking beside us. I am sometimes asked what faith really means for Diospi Suyana. My answer: Everything!




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