Sunshine and raindrops – light and darkness


Soon the roof will be finished

Dear Diospi Suyana friends, weather-wise this week was the same as last week.  Again we had to deal with torrential downpours.  As of Wednesday the weather has improved and I hope that it won’t rain until the roof is finished.

Early on Monday (it was raining!) we started unloading the three containers with the fire safety boards.  It was hard work, as every board was 10m long and weighed a couple of hundred kilogrammes, and had to be hauled out of the contained and brought to its intermediate storage place by hand.  Everyone except those doing the plastering work had to help.  It was very hard and exhausting work, but just before the end of the working day we had completed the task and we could send the three empty containers back to Lima.  All other necessary tasks had to take a back seat.

In the meantime the foundation work for the new solar energy plant is complete, the outside staircase has made it to the top and currently the roof is being encased.  The north facade has been completely plastered and we have erected the scaffolding on the south side for the outside plastering of the third stage of construction.

Today we started to weld the tilted steel sheets, which were in the containers.  These will be used for the fire safety boards’ substructure.

In the erecting of the roof construction we have made significant progress, due mainly to the excellent preparatory work and if everything goes according to plan, the worst should be over by next week.

Sending my best regards to wherever auch are and wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

Flooding on Monday morning
The first trailer moves into position to be unloaded.
Strenuous unloading of the fire safety boards
Everyone works together putting in their best effort.
The foundations for the new solar energy plant.
Welding of the tilted steel sheets
The roof mounting of the third stage of construction begins.
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