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Breaking News: The Hospital Diospi Suyana receives its license for the next three years

The administrative paper work kept us on our toes for 13 months

Claudia Hugo (left) and Yesica Herrera (right) proudly hold the Health Authority’s most recent decision in their hands. After several inspections, emails and written reports the missionary hospital once again has its new official 3-year license. In Peru all hospitals have to go through this procedure every three years. As of 1st January 2019 most hospitals in Apurimac State will no longer have a valid license, i.e. they will de facto work illegally.

On Wednesday evening Dr Klaus John wrote to the Peruvian Minister of Health that Diospi Suyana, as a private institution, will cease all work should it not receive the renewed license, since the legal risks would simply be too great. But thanks to the Minister and the Deputy-Minister’s swift action on Thursday morning it all went rather fast – we were given the necessary paperwork in the State capital Abancay. This means “all-clear” for our staff and patients, who form long queues in front of the main entrance especially in January. After this bit of good news, the hospital’s management team can sleep soundly again.

Over the past few months the negotiations with the bureaucratic officials were very exhausting. We thank God for the break through and look full of confidence into the future.