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This year’s final building report

We are heading in the right direction

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, Christmas is behind us and the New Year is waiting in the wings and I am delighted to give you a brief building site update.

The screed works are nearing completion and we have to slowly start thinking about dismantling the access ramp. The new stairwell has been stonewalled and is currently being plastered. Thus the 2nd floor can be accessed, but I am very loathe to transport all materials (screed-cement, mortar, tiles, plasterboards, etc.…) up the brand new stairs, since I want to avoid unnecessary dirt in the Media Centre.

The subcontractor for the light-weight partition walls is working hand in hand with our electrician (sockets and light switches have to be integrated properly) and is making nice progress with the assembly of the supporting structure for the plasterboards.

The window builder has made a move that could be interpreted that he really will start putting in the windows in the next few days. Peru does not have double-glazing, hinged windows as we know them in Germany. Here the windows are constructed as sliding windows and are welded together by hand from individual aluminium profiles. The glass is then put in on site.

Two carpenters have started encasing the roof of the two operating theatres.

In Echarati an external company has connected our aerial tower to the electricity grid. Four pylons had to be set up. We hope that the tower will be on air middle of January

Today Container#65 which contains, among other things, the special windows for the Media Centre was closely checked by the customs officials. The whole contents of the Container were first taken out, then put back in. Unfortunately a bureaucratic necessity.

I thank all of you, my dear readers, for your interest in my building reports and wish you a blessed year 2019! Udo

Concreting one of the last screed fields.
Encasing the roof of the two operating theatres.
The fourth pylon stands next to our aerial tower.
The electricity cables pass through a beautiful valley.
In Lima Container#65 was checked by the Digemid authorities i.e. completely unpacked.
A time-consuming routine procedure.
When will these boxes arrive in Curahuasi?