Impressive results

Arbeit im Eukalyptuswald
News from the construction of the media center

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, most of the wood has been delivered for the slab formwork, so we are going to reinforce the construction the way I described last week.

The formwork panels are placed on the eucalyptus trunks, they of course have to be balanced. In the absence of a thread, this is done through the use of wood flakes. Afterwards, the reinforcing bars have to be laid. So, there is still some way to go until we can concrete the floor slab.

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to test some concrete samples for compressive strength in the Materials Science Laboratory of the University of Cusco. It has been found that the mixture used for the columns, beams and stairs has a 50% greater compressive strength than necessary, according to statics.

Have a beautiful and blessed week, Ing. Johannes

Ca. 30 Prozent sind schon eingeschalt.
Approximately 30 percent has already been shuttered.
Ein Betonzylinder im Druckversuch
A concrete cylinder in compression
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