First quality inspection at the Diospi Suyana School

Comprensión lectora  (ECE 2014)
Headmaster Christian Bigalke comments on the results

In October last year, the Diospi Suyana School underwent its first standardized learning level survey in 2nd grade mathematics and language. The results that have been published are startling:

Matemáticas (ECE 2014)
[Grafik „Matemáticas“]
In this graph, the computing power of the second year is shown. In each of the three blocks are the results of the land section (red and white), the Apurímac region (blue), the Curahuasi school district (gray) and the Colegio Diospi Suyana (yellow). The first block shows the percentage of pupils who achieved excellent results, the center block shows the average students, and the last block shows the low achievers.

It is encouraging that, in the first year, the proportion of excellent students is exactly the average of the state and the school district, and that there are not as many weak students as there are in the school district.

Comprensión lectora  (ECE 2014)
[Grafik „Comprensión lectora“]
The much better news comes from the reading comprehension test. In the chart above, you can see that some students are satisfactory, more than half (52.6%) are average, and not a single pupil ranks poorly compared to the poorer average values ​​of the country, the region and the school board.

Matemáticas en Colegios Particulares y Estatales
[Grafik „Matemáticas en Colegios Particulares y Estatales“]
In this third chart, you can see how the Diospi Suyana School compares to other private schools (left block) and to state schools (middle block) in mathematics. It is worth noting that our school is above the average of the other private schools. Why is this remarkable? For two reasons:

– Half of the 21 students who took part in this test had learned at a state school in 2013.

– The class teacher had only seven months to encourage these students.

These results have not actually thrilled everyone. This may be due to the fact that Peru did very poorly in an international education comparison (last place in the PISA study), and also because all the teachers were accustomed to a higher level at their previous schools (private schools in large cities). But, all things considered, this is a very decent result for the founding year of this distinguished school. And as a Christian, I believe that it is a blessed school. / Christian Bigalke

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  1. Green family

    Great results. Congratulations to the students and their teachers. Liked the reading comprehension results 🙂 Way to go!!

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