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Quechua Indianer betet
Many things are matters of perspective

In his stroll through the mountain villages of southern Peru, Marcos Acuña encounters many lodges. Their inhabitants have visited the missionary hospital Diospi Suyana at least once in the past. These people are happy when they see the young pastor. Marcos listens to their stories, leads prayers and distributes Christian literature. Along the way, he takes photos to document the different stages of his journey.

Many of us wouldn’t be led to pray if we lived in such dwellings. The image above reminds me of a conversation that took place in South Africa 25 years ago, when one woman entered another woman’s house in the poor community of Soweto. “Wow,” the visitor exclaimed, “how can you still believe in God, if you’re in such a misery at home?” “No, it’s exactly the opposite,” the other woman replied. “How could I ever survive without God in this emergency?”

Bibeln als Geschenk
The joy is great. Marcos Acuña has just given away Bibles.
Marcos Blumen slider
Our Pastor (on the left) stands in a garden surrounded by many flowers.
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