Three containers for Diospi Suyana in Lima’s harbour


They arrived 10 days earlier than expected

The French are generous and quick. On Tuesday a CMA containership docked in Lima’s harbour. Among the many containers piled on deck three containers have Diospi Suyana as their final destination.  They are full of panels for the intermediate ceiling of the third construction stage of the hospital extension.  As has happened in the past the maritime transport was sponsored: the donated amount was around USD 5,000.

The support of the French firm is remarkable. None of CMA’s staff (founded in 1978 in Marseille, CMA is a leading worldwide shipping group) have heard of Diospi Suyana, let alone read a book about the work of faith happening in Peru.  Be that as it may, the company has transported 13 containers for Diospi Suyana over the Atlantic Ocean free of charge.

The panels are being loaded into the container.
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