The First Radio Test on the Grounds of the Hospital

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Suddenly, everything went very quickly

2:15 PM- Radio technician Tim Zook from the United States, civil engineer Johannes Bahr, logistics chief Agustin Landeras, and Dr. John sit together in the office.  If an antenna is to be put on the grounds of the hospital in the future, a radio test must be made.  It cannot, of course, interfere with the medical equipment inside the hospital.  But how can we test it?

3:00 PM – Agustin Landeras contacts the owner of the local radio station.  We have the audacious hope that we can test the transmiter of the station next to the hospital.  In the room we all say a prayer.  Now we have to wait.

4:30 PM – Rosell Ugarte sits at the table and listens to our concerns.  “Can we build a makeshift antenna and do a test run tonight using your radio signal?”  The owner of the radio station has never heard such a request.  “No, you can’t!” he says.  But then the conversation drags on and suddenly he turns, picks up his phone, and calls an antenna specialist from Cusco.  That technician immediately jumps into an express taxi and sets out on the 2 ½ hour drive through the mountains to Curahuasi.

4:47 PM – From the technical center in Elkart Indian, USA they take an important measurement.  It shows that the reception in the district of Curahuasi will be sufficient.  The antenna could thus be built, in fact, next to the amphitheater.

6:40 PM – The antenna specialist from Cusco is here.  He goes straight to work.  At a dizzying height, the technician attaches the antenna and brings down the necessary components.

7:30 PM – The darkness has descended on Curahuasi.  It starts to drizzle.  Will the test be canceled at the last minute?  On a light pole near the operating rooms a transmitting device is installed.  For the power, an adapter is missing.  Fortunately Markus Rolli is on hand and organizes at lighting speed the needed connection.  A few minutes later, music is sent from Diospi Suyana.

7:40 PM – The night squad is impressive.  Dr. Susen Dressler is in the operating room and checks the EKG and powers up the oxygen resuscitation apparatus.  Dr. Marlen Luckow tests the equipment in the dental clinic and Dr. Ursula Buck analyzes the function of a laser and ultrasound device in the eye clinic.  In the x-ray department, MTA Dorle Breitenbucher makes a CT scan – of a water bottle.  All devices work properly while the radio station broadcast music to the night sky of our district.

7:44 PM – Group photo in front of the light pole that served as an antenna mast a few minutes ago.  All present are certain that radio Diospi Suyana has been established.

Radiotest slider Studie Elkart
Red, yellow, and green indicates very good reception for the radio Diospi Suyana.
Slider Radiator Abbau
A technician dismounts with the necessary components for the antenna.
Slider Test am CT
Dorle Breitenbucher takes a CT scan of a water bottle.
19 44 Slider
A historical photo by mobile phone. Was this the creation of the radio station Diospi Suyana?
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