DATASEC Electronic GmbH helps us with the Hospital’s extension

Steuergeraete von Datasec

13 years of support

DATASEC Electronic GmbH and Diospi Suyana go back a long time.  At lunchtime on 16th April 2004 in Straußberg near Berlin Dr John gave a presentation to the owners of the company group Deister Electronics/DATASEC.  At the time the planned missionary hospital existed only on the digital slides of a PowerPoint presentation.  The groundbreaking ceremony took place over a year later.  Money and equipment were lacking, the work force near nonexistent.

Anatoli Stobbe (Deister) and Norbert Scheler (DATASEC) invested a lot of their time to develop a security concept for a hospital that did not even exist at the time.

3 years later the companies sponsored the entire security technology for the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  Card readers, control units, CCTV, key systems and many other devices were sent Peru-wards.  The companies continued their support for our Dental- and Eye Clinics and also for our Colegio Diospi Suyana.

We are extremely delighted that DATASEC will also provide the second floor of our hospital with the necessary equipment.  The volume of their sponsoring crossed the €0.1mio-mark long ago.

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Card readers
16-4-2004 Datasex
After the presentation of the planned missionary hospital on 16th April 2004 in Straußberg near Berlin.  Anatoli Stobbi (with the yellow shirt), behind him Norbert Scheler. Darren Harrold (back row on the right) came to Peru and headed the technical installation works.
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