A book on Diospi Suyana in Dutch?

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Do have contacts to Dutch publishers?

Every year Marjan de Haan aims to read two German books.  For the Dutchwoman this is an impressive feat.  In 2015 she came across the book: “God has seen us.” She thought that her whole family should read this story and furthermore, also all people working in the healthcare sector.  According to Marjan, the book is the perfect read for all people who doubt that miracles still happen today.

As few Dutch people read German books, Marjan embarked on the project of translating the book into her mother tongue, which she completed after several months of hard work.  Now we are looking for a Dutch publisher, who will include the book in its product range.  If you know of any ideas or suggestions, please email us: info@diospi-suyana.org

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