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Breaking news: SMS medipool AG donates 15 patient monitors

Brand new and top quality

He used to be a professional basketball player.  Today he heads SMS medipool AG’s subsidiary in Wiesbaden with equal professionalism.  And Philipp Blank shares the same conviction as Diospi Suyana that the best medical equipment should also be available for the poorest of the world.  An hour ago at 10:15a.m. he proudly presented Dr John with 15 monitors for Diospi Suyana’s inpatient care department and for its mobile operations.  The contents of the 15 boxes have a value of €30,000.  If everything goes according to plan the next container will be loaded up in March and its valuable contents will be shipped to Peru.

What can one say to such generosity?  One can but say “Dankeschön”!

But the missionary doctor was at the ready and gave the talented businessman a copy of his newest book “Walking on the water”.  In the background warehouse manager Detlev Hofmann beams because of his boss’ exemplary generosity.  Since 2004 the experienced football league referee is active for Diospi Suyana and watches over the interim storage of our donations in kind before they head to South America.

We wish – not entirely altruistically – SMS medipool AG all possible success on the European medical market.  Furthermore, we hope that Mr Blank will find time to read the book he was given. /KDJ