How to build your own radio and TV-transmission tower

Antenne mit Udo slider

Udo Klemenz tells you how

Dear Friends, the rainy season is starting to show its true character and it rains cats and dogs most evenings or during the night.  Heavy thunderstorms are also part of the package.  Especially early in the morning it is becoming more and more of a challenge to reach The Aerial Tower Site.

But the weather conditions do not hinder our progress.  All the mast-foundations have been poured into place and the building pits are being filled up again.  Due to the lack of suitable equipment, it is difficult to solidify the tight and deep building pits.  Therefore I decided to add some cement to the excavation material and use this mixture as lean concrete to fill the pits, thus preempting future subsidence.

This morning the material for the tower itself was brought on site.  Ignoring my urgent warning the lorry driver got stuck trying to reach the site.  We therefore had to transfer the load from the lorry to our unimog.  The four technicians from a mast-company started constructing the tower a few hours later.

Everything is progressing nicely in The Hospital’s New Storey: Oxitec is back on the building site and is installing the copper piping for the medical gases in the intensive care unit.  All the door framings are now in place and the tiling in the patient-bathrooms continues.

I wish all of you a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo.

1 Die Ankerbolzen sind eingebaut slider
The anchor bolts are in place.
2 Die Fundamenthaelse werden betoniert slider
The foundation collars are being poured into place…
3 Die Fundamenthaelse sind ausgeschalt
… and are being encased.
4 Die Baugruben werden verfuellt
The building pits are being filled.
5 Der gestrandete LKW
The stranded lorry.
6 Die Ladung wird auf den Unimog umgeladen
Transferring the load from the lorry to the unimog.
7 Die Mastmontage hat begonnen
The construction of the aerial mast has started.
8 Jedes Bett in der Intensivstation
For each bed in the intensive care unit got connections for oxygen, compressed air and suction.
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