A festive atmosphere in the Ministry of Justice

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A big thank you to Maria Esperanza Adrianzén

Justice.  This decree from the Alan Garcia administration placed all missionary organisations in a legally grey area.  Without this recognition new missionaries had a tough time getting their applications through.  As an intermediate solution missionary organisations like Diospi Suyana attached themselves to large church federations.  This exclusion was directed mainly at Protestant and Jewish organisations.  The exasperation was great, but the change of the law did not happen.

Maria Esperanza Adrianzén*, a high-ranking director in the Ministry of Justice, played a pivotal role in bringing about the change of the decree that missionary organisations can now be officially recognised by the state: 5 years of tenacious persuasive efforts on many fronts were needed to bring about this result.

Now 57 organisations are registered in the Ministry of Justice.  Diospi Suyana was the first to profit from this change of the law.  Yesterday in a festive atmosphere the Ministry handed over the official certificate to the organisational heads.

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Dr John during his talk; unfortunately the transfer of the images did not work properly.

Dr John presented Diospi Suyana’s work as an example of the social significance of missionary organisations.  He stated that he did not know why Diospi Suyana of all the many organisations present (many of whom had been active for many more years than Diospi Suyana) was allowed to speak.  He concluded his talk by saying: “Right from the start Diospi Suyana trusted that a God exists who knows us and who hears our prayers.  Through his dealings with us we have seen God!”

(* Maria E. Adrianzén wearing the red jacket)

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Roughly 50 Protestant and Jewish organisations were present.
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