Poisonous attack in the hospital compound

Viuda Negra slider

The victim survived

Yesterday our gardener Roberto found an alpaca frothing at the mouth. He immediately called the vet who diagnosed correctly within a couple of minutes.  A black widow, whose bite can be deadly for animals, was found in its coat.

After an Atropin injection our alpaca was on the mend.

The vet commented that the danger coming from Black Widows is especially high during the months of January to March, their breeding season.

If a human dies after being bitten it has to do with his physical condition.  Older people and children are more at risk.  Before treatment with antiserum was introduced the death rate was roughly 5%.

Picture: the culprit in a plastic bag.

Alpaca Schaum vor dem Mund slider
I survived a Black Widow’s bite! A big thank you to Robert and the vet!
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