At the family community Siloah e. V.

Here we can learn a lot

Jörn Michel is just the right tourist guide to inspect the Siloah family community. He has lived and worked for this Christian initiative in Neufrankenroda near Gotha for over 25 years. Every year Siloah organizes its own tent city with about 2500 participants. Occasionally, the Boy Scouts Royals Rangers come and set up their tents. Sometimes more than 15000 young people gather on the vast meadows.

If you want to organize a youth festival like we do, you can’t miss a visit to the heart of Thuringia. Why reinvent the wheel when there is a quarter century’s worth of experience in this beautiful place. Non-stop questions and answers like from an assembly line. How many showers are needed per 1000 participants? Cold or hot water in the showers? Electricity connections, sewage and fireplaces? What guidelines are upheld?

As the sun moves towards the west, it is time to leave. My driver, who does not wish to be named, presses the accelerator. The trip to Thuringia was worth it. Because now we are smarter than before. And the license plate hits the nail on the head once again. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. /KDJ

A bell calls for meals.
A rustic theater with surprise effects
A crypt for morning devotions
Several hectares of meadow for the tents
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