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At the end of the year – three in one sweep

Looking over Dr Olga Koop’s shoulder

It is said that patients come to hospitals in series – sometimes there is more truth in that statement than first meets the eye.  On the evening of the 30th December our surgeon operated on a young lady diagnosed with acute appendicitis. During the course of the 31st she performed an emergency operation on an 11-year-old suffering from peritonitis caused by a broken through appendix.  Later on that day a 14-year-old suffering from a covered peritonitis hobbled over the hospital’s threshold.  He also was suffering from advanced appendicitis.

Within 24 hours these three cases came to the Hospital Diospi Suyana seeking help.  How fortunate that our missionary doctor was on duty in Curahuasi.  Nomen est omen.  Her name gives it away: “Olga“ is the Russian form of “Helga” and means “the holy one” or “the consecrated one”.  She who saves three people in the operating theatre may truly call herself by that name.

Dr Olga Koop and her patient of the 30th December.