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Radio Diospi Suyana

A novum – Diospi Suyana at a candlelight dinner

An evening consisting of Baden-Württemberg’s cuisine and a talk about Diospi Suyana

In April 2017 we were contacted by the Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde zu Göttingen near Ulm.  Our home office said yes and so last Friday night Dr John spoke to 120 guests.  In TV-terms the presentation would count as a part of the Late-Night-Show.  Just before 11p.m. the final picture flashed across the screen and the desert could be served.

By November the event was sold out.  In order to take part in the 17th candlelight dinner every participant had to buy a ticket beforehand.  A reporter from the Südwest Presse was also there and spent 5 hours taking notes.

The most surprising thing about this successful evening was the fact that despite it being late there were no tired faces anywhere to be seen.  Everyone listened attentively.  The Swabians living around Ulm are definitely hard in the taking.

On 1st January the speaker nearly missed his connecting flight in Panama City – one needs a bit of excitement once in a while!  In South Germany on the other hand he encountered no problems: the temperatures were above freezing and the roads were free.  It was a memorable event and the journey was worth it.