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Diospi Suyana’s 2019 – from January to June

We say thank you

On 12th January keen workers unloaded Container#65 at the missionary hospital.  2019 saw Containers 66-70 being packed in Germany.  The French company CMA paid for the sea-transport and DHL sponsored the land-transport for the last container.

10 days later our aerial tower in Echarate (in Cusco State) went on air.  40,000 people living in the region can now tune into our programme.

The Federation of Journalists of Apurimac State and the Chamber of Commerce bestowed the title of “One of the best institutions of the county” on Diospi Suyana in a festive celebration.  On 26th January Dr Martina John received the award.

On 31st January the head of the Dräger-Group, Stefan Dräger, welcomed Dr John to Lübeck.  The meeting led to the company donating two new anaesthetic devices, five monitors for the intensive care station and two new operating lamps.  A cordial “dankeschön” from Peru to the long-established German company.

On 1st February the missionary doctor gave Mr Ludolf Schmitz and his son Friedrich an update on Diospi Suyana.  The result of which was that the company donated two new operating tables among other things.  The meeting in Wickede was a trip down memory lane to Dr John’s first visit in 2006.  “Why did you make your company’s biggest ever donation in kind to Diospi Suyana 12 years ago,”asked the Peruvian visitor the CEO, “Especially since our hospital was not even up and running at the point?”  Without hesitating Ludolf Schmitz answered: “From the word go I knew that this project would be successful!”

During this one week trip the company Lautenschläger in Cologne decided to deliver a steriliser free of charge.  MVV, based in Hamburg, with businessman Fred Jung, from juwi, replaced our photovoltaic-power system.

Beginning of April Chris Welch and his team switched on our transmission facility on a hill on the outskirts of Puno.  A quarter of a million people in Peru and Bolivia live in the catchment area of our antennae.  Currently Diospi Suyana has six aerial towers. We bought two more frequencies in 2019 and hope that we will be able to broadcast them from further sites within the next three months.

Since 6th April we have an occupational therapy department at our hospital.  The picture shows Ana Arregui treating a very young patient.

For Easter the Diospi-Suyana-Community celebrated an Easter service on a hill above Curahuasi.  The Christian resurrection hope is the foundation of our work in Peru.

On 8th May the GAT Association which encompasses 65 lift-manufacturers decided to donate an outside lift for Diospi Suyana’s Eye Clinic.  Currently all components are at sea.

Urologist Dr David Brady has performed 1,000 open and closed prostatectomies at the missionary hospital.  On 29th May he and Sr. Bartolome Mamani – David’s 1,000th prostate patient – gave an informative interview on Diospi Suyana’s Radio.

On 15th June the Colegio Diospi Suyana celebrated its birthday once again. Christian Bigalke was Head of School when lessons started back in March 2014.  In March 2020 our paedagogical institution will start its 7th year.  For next year we expect more than 400 pupils.

On 21st June Dr Thomas Tielmann operated a patient with an aortic aneurysm, a bulging of the body’s main artery.  We congratulate our vascular surgeon to this successful operation.

The Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar welcomed the missionary doctors John to the Presidential Palace in the Capital Lima on 24th June.  The meeting lasted 45 minutes and was held in a cordial atmosphere.

Two days later Health Minister Dra. Garcia Zulema, her two deputies and 10 departmental heads of the governmental department heard Diospi Suyana’s story.  Two weeks later the minister headed a high-level delegation to Curahuasi to see the missionary hospital for herself.

On 30th June 10,000 Peruvians, Catholics and Protestants alike, took part in a national prayer movement. In the Hospital Diospi Suyana representatives of many churches also met for prayer.