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Radio Diospi Suyana

At night at a dark petrol station

A special freight changes hands

Near Limburg.  In the furthest corner of a petrol station a car is waiting in the dark shadows.  Its blonde driver sits inside waiting silently.  Every now and again she glances nervously at her watch.  At 9:30p.m. a second car pulls up silently.  The meeting point is well chosen, since at such a late hour neither man nor beast would come to such a lonely location.  No one to be seen at this place of absolute solitude.

The two characters communicate with fleeting glances.  No unnecessary words are exchanged.  Within a few seconds heavy boxes containing precious cargo are moved from one car boot to the other and already the doors are quietly closed.  The content of the extremely large boxes remains a secret to the eyes of nosey spectators.

The man nods contently.  The exchange went quickly, as though it had been practised many times.  He motions a greeting with his right hand or is it a secret signal?  One can hardly make out his face.  The grey hat is pulled well over his eyebrows.  Is he wearing jeans and a brown leather jacket?  Who knows; all cats look grey at night.

The cars pull away; the lady turns right at the first corner, the mysterious stranger left in the opposite direction.  After 2 or was it 3 minutes it is all over.  No witnesses and no traces.  Only the petrol station remains, somewhere in the middle of the State of Hesse, 45 minutes by car from Frankfurt Airport.

And what was in those heavy boxes? 2 books with the following titles: “I have seen God” and “God has seen us”.  Dr John’s presentation tour is so frequented that the books are bought like hot cakes.  10 presentations have been given, 8 remain from today, Tuesday, to next Sunday.  You are cordially invited.  And if necessary we will again lug heavy boxes from one car to another.  Perhaps in an underground carpark in Hamburg or in a forest near Munich.  But one thing is clear: the goods need to be distributed among the people.

Tuesday, 10.3.2020 at 7:30p.m.: presentation in the Mennonitengemeinde Weierhof. Location: Mennoniten Kirche Crayenbühlstraße 14, 67297 Bolanden-Weierhof. Contact: Evelyn Driedger. E-Mail: evelyndriedger@aol.com

Wednesday, 11.3.2020 at 7:30p.m.: presentation in the Evang. Kirchengemeinde Freudenstadt. Location: Ev. Gemeindehaus Ringhof, Ringstraße 47, 72250 Freudenstadt. Contact: Pfarrer i. R. Ulrich Müller. E-Mail: baruch1608@online.de

Thursday, 12.3.2020 at noon: presentation to representatives of the Swiss financial industry. Location: Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Münsterhof 20, CH-8001 Zürich. Contact: Christian Takushi. E-Mail: c.takushi@bluewin.ch

Thursday, 12.3.2020 at 7p.m.: presentation in the Kulturzentrum – Wokensteinsaal, Wessenbergstraße 43, 78462 Konstanz. Contact: Tobias Lächele. E-Mail: tobias.laechele@gmx.de

Saturday, 14.3.2020 at 10a.m.: presentation to the CDU’s protestant working group, Kirchengemeinde Wuppertal-Ronsdorf. Location: Gemeindezentrum der Ev. Kirchengemeinde Bandwirkerstraße 15, 42369 Wuppertal (public event). Contact: Stefan Zahn. E-Mail: stefanzahn72@web.de

Saturday, 14.3.2020 at 7p.m.: presentation in the Otto-Hahn-Schule Westhofen, Osthofener Straße 40, 67593 Westhofen. Contact: Christa Hanser. E-Mail: christa.hanser@gmx.de

Sunday, 15.3.2020 at 10:30a.m.: presentation in the Evang. Gemeinschaft Holzheim/Dorf Güll. Location: Alter Langgönser Weg 12, 35415 Pohlheim. Contact: Pastor Wladimir Shadonow. E-Mail: ec.ge@web.de

Sunday, 15.3.2020 at 4p.m.: presentation in the Katholischen Pfarrsaal Kurpfalzstraße 81, 76646 Bruchsal-Helmsheim. Contact: Daniel de Jong. E-Mail: Daniel.DeJong@kbz.ekiba.de