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Radio Diospi Suyana

Thanks to Lautenschläger and its technical team the missionary hospital now has a big sterilisation appliance

A huge capacity expansion

Even those with little medical know-how understand that sterilising surgical instruments is a must.  Since Diospi Suyana now has six operating theatres the demand has risen sharply.  The company Lautenschläger based in Cologne recently donated a sterilising machine with four individual withdrawable units.  This means that in one work cycle four times the prior amount of instruments can be sterilised.  A “dankeschön” to the management team!

Oebele de Haan and his team set up the sterilisation appliance.  It was hard work with many complicated steps and hurdles to overcome.  Thumbs up for our workshop team.

The outside lift is nearly functional.  The missing details should be completed within a few days.  The GAT Association is financing the installation and donated all parts.  Mil gracias.

The steam generator is located one storey above the sterilisation appliance (silver boiler).
The outside lift with cubicle.  Soon we can all take the lift.