The transformation of Almeida De la Cruz

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A Peruvian missionary doctor from Lima

Almeida comes from a humble background.  As a teenager she dreamt of becoming a doctor – she had a clear idea: “I give the orders and won’t have to get my hands dirty.”  But the reality came differently – as she failed her entrance exam to a state university she started training to become an ancillary nurse.

She has now landed where she never wanted to be: at the bottom of the command chain.  Others tell her what to do and what not to do.  Her daily chores include disposing of her patients’ blood, faeces and urine.  The young lady muses over her former pride.  Not much is left from the arrogant attitude she used to have.

Then things changed for the better.  Supported by an American missionary she can study medicine at a private university in Lima.  During her time there she is invited to take part in a short project in the Peruvian Rainforest.

The indescribable plight she sees on this trip leaves an imprint on her soul.  In the midst of human wretchedness Almeida discovers her true calling to become a doctor.

In 2013 a friend gives her the book “I have seen God” (Dios es visible). A short while later she reads the book for young people “Hope in the Andes”, which also tells the story of Diospi Suyana.

She says: “While I was reading these books I was transported into a dream-like world in which loving your neighbour was everywhere, an example of love in action.  I was determined to see Diospi Suyana for myself!”

In August 2016 she sets foot in the Hospital.  Together with 16 young people she arrives from Lima and is amazed at the various hospital wards built especially for the poor.

Dra. Patricia Almeida started working here as a missionary doctor seven days ago; a church in Lima is paying for her lodging.  One can no longer find any pride in our new colleague, but all of us are proud of her./KDJ

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