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A death of an acquaintance gets Family Then thinking

A paediatrician and a management expert about to leave for Peru

It was a big event.  Yesterday 120 of Family Then’s friends, neighbours and relatives met in the Evangelischen Gemeindehaus in Kronach. Why? Because on the 3rd May Dr Simon Then, his wife, management expert Fruzsina, and their three daughters will board a plane South-America-bound.  During his presentation Dr John encouraged his future colleague.

What causes a paediatrician who completed his doctoral thesis “magna cum laude” and his family to make a new start in Peru?

In July 2019 Simon und Fruzsina Then with Luise, Agnes and Susanne sent us the following email: “We know the hospital Diospi Suyana since the building work started, have read your first book and read the publications on your website.  For a long while now we have had the wish to spend some time working in Curahuasi.  8 years ago, having just completed my medical degree I asked you after a talk in the City Church in Würzburg what the requirements were to join the Diospi Staff.  Back then you told me I first needed to obtain a medical specialist qualification…!”

On 8th November 2017 the Franconian completed his training as a specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine.  His former Peru-plans had been pushed to the back of his mind, totally understandable, since having now three wonderful girls everyone would focus on building a comfortable home and living an enjoyable family life.  Furthermore, with his qualification under his belt he can start bettering his bank balance.

But then an acquaintance of the Thens died in Papua New Guinea.  The Bible school teacher has spent 30 blessed and inspiring years there.  But suddenly he was dead.  In Dr Then’s head thoughts started spinning and soon he had infected his Hungarian wife.

Life must be more than career, own home and a happy family.  As born-again Christians the Thens discovered their life’s calling in helping their neighbour.  When they leave for Peru in four months they will fill the gap created by their deceased acquaintance in the worldwide web of Christians.

And what about Spanish?  Simon and Fruzsina had learnt the language of the Iberians during a volunteering stint in Spain.  It was also there where they met and fell in love.

We wish Family Then God’s rich Blessings and travelling mercies on their way to Peru. /KDJ

Family Then are brilliantly prepared for the Andean Mountain World.