A delegation from Arequipa visits

One book – one journey – one experience

Some students of the “Daniel Christian School” in the city of Arequipa had read the book “Esperanza en los Andes” (Hope in the Andes) in recent weeks. On Monday, 13 students and 7 chaperones traveled 12 hours by bus to Curahuasi to see the “miracle Diospi Suyana” with their own eyes.

Dr. Klaus John’s presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session with Dr. Martina John. Her statement was open and honest: “Yes, we have experienced God’s blessings in abundance,” the missionary doctor acknowledged, “but we also struggle with difficulties of every kind and have to go through hard times quite often!” This message got to the heart of the matter. Diospi Suyana has been an experiential journey with God so far, but it has also demanded everything of us.

A guided tour of the hospital. In the picture, the group is inspecting the laboratory.
In the television studio of the media center
Lunch in the dining room

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