Mission hospital in the Andes live

6 pm: Total readiness

An hour after closing time, all Mission Hospital employees are at home on the couch with their legs up. Really all of them? No, in the back corner of the lab, a Roche employee is explaining the operation of a new analytical instrument. The MTAs listen attentively. Meanwhile, in the emergency room, a mission doctor is reviewing her first five emergencies of the night shift.

Activities also continue at the hospital church. Several people kneel and pray for the team, the patients and the resolution of many current issues. They are convinced that they are not wasting time, but are just talking to the highest power of the universe. An audience with God.

Outside, the guards make their rounds. In the corridors, some cleaners take care of the cleanliness. And the nurses check on the inpatients in the rooms.

This is how Diospi Suyana works: work, pray and believe. Patients instinctively notice this. Some 467,000 patient visits four weeks before Mission Hospital’s 15th anniversary. That says quite a lot.

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