We never give up

Always at the limit of the impossible

The worldwide results of ventilated Coronavirus-patients who have a tube in their trachea are catastrophic.

In China 90% of those infected died, in UK (according to the most recent study) 70%.  That is why non-invasive ventilation via a mask is of ever-increasing importance.  (Known under the term: home ventilation).  But how can we, living in the Andes, get at such apparatus?  The borders are closed, curfew and companies have month-long waiting times for purchase orders.

It is 2a.m. pitch black outside, one cannot even see the moon.  Via WhatsApp I speak to the CEO of a large German company: “We need ten devices.  Can you help us?” – “I will see what I can do!” is his answer.  In reality it is nothing less than an impossibility.  Acquisition extremely difficult, airfreight to Peru complicated and the path through the jungle of the public authorities opaque.  The 14-20 hour domestic transport along Peruvian roads a challenge.  But we do not give up.

The sun of God shines on the missionary hospital.  Viola Lentink took the above photo from her house.  We pray and hope that God will lead us in every situation and will open the right doors.

Container#71 is currently stuck at Lima’s customs.  Today its contents will be inspected by the Health Ministry.  Tomorrow an aeroplane will bring three respirators for Diospi Suyana via a third country.  Will that work?  But as the song below puts it so nicely: God always has the last word.  He is THE specialist for the impossible./KDJ

A rose blossoming in the hospital’s garden.
Das letzte Wort - Violin Heart

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