Our building projects are embarking on the final stretch

42 days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Diospi Friends, the interior work in the hospital extension is progressing nicely.  In the first stage of construction all door panels are in place and the steel frames have been varnished, but we are still waiting for the door locks to arrive from the USA.  We checked the operability of the patient beds before putting them in the rooms.

Sanitary objects are currently being installed in the second stage of construction.  The drywall works in the third stage of construction have been completed.  In the intensive care unit the ceiling lights have been put in place, the wet rooms have been tiled and grouted and work on the suspended ceilings is nearing completion.  We hope to start painting in the next few days and to start laying the flooring in the first week of August.

The indoor painting in the Orthopaedic Workshop is nearly finished and we will start on the tiling work within the next few days.

In the Amphitheatre all the rear stanchions and the first five secondary girders have been put into place.  This and next week the final eight beams (four each week) will be welded.  Behind the rear wall of the Amphitheatre a small group are digging the foundations in which to put the anchoring of the supports.  The timing as to when all the works here will be completed keeps us on tenterhooks.

No real news from our antenna building sites in Puno und Casabamba.

Wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo.

Checking the operability of the patient beds for the intensive care unit.
The finishing touches are being made to the suspended ceiling in the intensive care unit.
The final tiling works in the wet rooms of the intensive care unit.
The Amphitheater from the outside.
The next four beams are being welded.
Building a cable duct: one of the many minor tasks.
A delivery of toilet paper for the hospital.
The aerial unit in Casabamba. Only the tower is missing.
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