It is always best to speak directly to the boss

Meeting Electro Sur’s president

Diospi Suyana’s six antenna locations need to be connected to the mains.  Pylons need to be erected and cables tensioned.  Transformers and all sorts of contactors need to be put in place so that in the end the antennae and transmitter function as they should.  One could of course go to the respective state bureaus of the electricity company “Electro Sur” individually, negotiate with each one of them and hope for good results.  But in Peru it is a known fact that one should always speak directly to the boss.

Yesterday Doris Manco and Chris Welch liaised directly with Sr. Freddy Gonzalez from Electro Sur.  He is none other than the electricity company’s president responsible for three states.  He has the final “electric-say” in the Departamentos Apurimac, Puerto Maldonado and Cusco.

Freddy Gonzalez has been acquainted with Diospi Suyana for several years and he promised to support us.  The journey from Curahuasi to Cusco is long and arduous.  But what are 250km if one can liaise directly with the boss?

(From left to right: Chris Welch, Freddy Gonzalez, Doris Manco and the executive secretary)

Electro Sur’s entrance in Cusco
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