How about a surprise?

15 Leute verhandeln

Spontaneity is key

The waiting room is packed to bursting with more patients queueing outside the door.  After the morning devotion I want to start work with gastroscopies when suddenly Dr. Jens Hassfeld appears in my office. “Some representatives from the local health department will be here shortly!” reports the gynaecologist.  “They want to negotiate with us about the planned cooperation agreement!”

The announcement turns out to be correct.  A little later I welcome the many guests from Curahuasi and Abancay.  The officials actually wanted to send us the information by email, but why should we burden the internet cable when you can personally deliver the message with 13 of your colleagues?

At 11.30 am the contract draft is read and discussed among the officials. All of them happily make their way home.  I need not worry anymore about the four gastroscopies as internist Dr. Morigeau has long finished them. I’m sure the patients enjoyed waiting in the waiting room because, after all, that’s what waiting rooms are for.

In Peru, no one knows what a new day may hold.  While surprises are the standard, routine is rather the exception.

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