Trying and improvising

Our technicians are always looking for solutions

High-tech in the Andes is and will always be a challenge for Diospi Suyana.  If our modern devices stop functioning it is usually several days before a representative of the respective company arrives from Peru’s capital Lima.  Fortunately our technicians can immediately start their problem-solving work.  They must look for a solution, be it in the middle of the day or night so that the hospital can continue functioning.

Recently a chemical-analysis device stopped functioning.  The reason was a bent pipette.  We were told it would take at least one week before the replacement part would arrive in Curahuasi.  Don Cesar (above right) and Tobias Lächele were able to stick two normal cannulae with UV-glue together to make a “self-made” cannula.  The result was immaculate.  The device in the laboratory worked again as if nothing had happened.  Well done Team!

In the meantime the original spare part has arrived and has been installed in the device.  But what would the Hospital Diospi Suyana – located in a distant high valley of the Andes – do without her technicians?  We congratulate them and give them a thumbs up! /KDJ

The cannula of the chemical-analysis device is bent.
The self-made makeshift cannula works.
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