Dr John speaks at the Chirurgie Update Germany

In the studio of the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz

Diospi Suyana was represented at this year’s training event for surgeons.  Invited by “Chirurgie Update“ the missionary doctor presented an interesting selection of pictures that show the vision and development of the hospital in Curahuasi.  The various talks of the event reached colleagues throughout Germany via Zoom.  Just before lunch Professor Doctor Bechstein announced a special treat: a short presentation on Diospi Suyana.

The German-Peruvian ended his talk with the following words: “… At Christmas ARTE TV broadcast an extensive programme about our work in several European countries in which Diospi Suyana was described as a ‘unique project’”.

Translated Diospi Suyana means “We trust in God”.  But what does this faith mean in practice?  Of course we believe in the man on the cross and the empty tomb.  But faith is also comparable to walking on water.  On the picture you can see my wife and I walking on the surface of a rough sea.  We are threatened from all sides.  Our fight is against those envious of our success, corrupt politicians and also bottlenecks.  We continue to walk this path, with fear and trembling, but trusting steadily in God!

“Walking on the water” is the title of Dr John’s third book that Brunnen Publishing House published in July 2020.  Work is currently being done on the English, Spanish and Dutch translations.


Left on the screen: Dr Martina John with 2 Quechua-patients.  On the right Dr John on the podium.
No matter how beautiful the technical equipment is it cannot replace the flair of a full congress hall.
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