There has to be a better life than this!

But where?

Julian B. was unlucky. Or you could say he was a victim of Peru’s uncontrolled road traffic, which often borders on insanity. Here are the facts in a nutshell: Car accident somewhere in the state of Puno in October 2019. Left femur fracture and lower leg amputation a few inches down. The 41-year-old must endure the brutal truth that he will be disabled for the rest of his life.

But Julian does not want to resign himself to his fate. He is looking for a prosthesis, but the prices are unaffordable for him. So, with a lot of effort, he makes himself an artificial leg, reminiscent of the pirates from the Caribbean. But to stand upright, he always needs crutches under both armpits. Every step hurts. What does one not undertake everything to live in the vertical. Three years pass.

On June 21, orthopedic technician Daniel Müller gave a presentation on his job description at the Diospi Suyana School. Not only the students in the classroom pricked up their ears, but social worker Flora was also completely gripped. Would the Diospi Suyana Orthopedic Center perhaps be the solution for her Uncle Julian?

The following pictures tell the rest of the story. Julian paid a fraction of the true value for a prosthesis custom-made by professionals. Now he walks without a walker and pain-free. Simply ingenious! A thank you to Daniel Müller and orthopedic master Christian Haupt. /KDJ

Brand self-made
A prosthesis of the best quality
Perfect. We all congratulate Julian!