Breaking news: Diospi Suyana acquires FM frequency in Ayacucho

The preparations took three years

On July 19, 2019, Dr. John gave a private lecture at the Márquez family home in Lima. The two listeners were an elderly lady and her son. Yesterday, August 12, 2022, that encounter of yesteryear was to bear rich fruit. An FM frequency in the major city of Ayacucho changed hands. In a few months, Diospi Suyana radio could reach over 200,000 additional listeners in the Ayacucho metropolitan area. The green dot above indicates the location in southern Peru.

On August 31, the hospital will celebrate its 15th annual festival. But the Diospi Suyana media center also celebrates its birthday on the same day. Over the past six years, Radio Diospi Suyana has grown from tenuous beginnings to a chain of 12 broadcast stations with a catchment area of nearly 2 million Peruvians.

We thank God for this further milestone.

Legend: Diospi Suyana currently has 12 FM frequencies, but 4 transmitting facilities (yellow dots and green dot) are still in the planning stage.

Lidia Susana Márquez signed the purchase contract in a notary’s office of San Miguel/Lima.
In his capacity as President of the Asociación Civil Religiosa Diospi Suyana, Dr. Klaus John signed.