There are few cases of Corona in the mountains, but plenty of other illnesses

Dr David Brady and his team save one life

The life of the 48-year-old Quechua-Indian hung by a silk thread. The former alcoholic suffered both from liver cirrhosis as well as from diabetes.  It did not appear likely that her five children, aged between 8 and 32 years, would have many hours left with their mother. A large abscess in her right retroperitoneum (back section) had caused a sceptic shock.

A week ago Dr Brady was able to successfully drain 1.8 litres of pus from the abscess cavity.  The operation, however, was followed by anxious hours on the intensive care unit while the patient was on mechanical ventilation support.  But now she is out of the woods.  The inflammation parameters and the kidney values are back to normal.  Patients who can eat and walk about are soon sent back home.

We congratulate the patient and the whole medical team to this success.

FYI: our first Corona virus patient has recovered and is now in quarantine in his home village of Quillabamba.

The red circle in the CT scan shows the abscess containing 1.8 litres of pus as well as inflamed tissue.
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