Oebele de Haan gets the ambulance shipshape

And builds a lift for patients’ stretchers

Diospi Suyana’s ambulance is a joint venture.  Mercedes Lima (Divemotor) originally donated a brand new sprinter for which the Peruvian company TechnoMedis completed the interior.  Over the years technicians headed by Oebele de Haan have improved several features.

The last container brought a patients’ stretcher with mobility base to Curahuasi organised through contacts of the Saxonian Michael Mörl.  Now it was up to the Dutchman to make the donation in kind fit into the ambulance.  Several details, e.g. lighting, utensils and materials have been optimised for a case of emergency.  In Peru there is probably no other ambulance that has been equipped so originally and expediently.

In the main building’s far staircase Oebele de Haan is putting in a lift for patients’ stretchers.  The goods hoist in the warehouse that he made a couple of years ago is  a real asset and is well used.

A while ago a director of a state hospital said: “We will buy Oebele and pay him a double salary in Abancay!”  But missionaries are not for sale and, furthermore, the de Haan’s seven-year stint in Curahuasi is nearing its end, sadly! /KDJ

Plenty of space for two patients.  Oebele (sitting down) is extremely satisfied with the final result.
Three extra oxygen bottles for outpatient surgery are lying in one compartment.
Anna de Haan is the happy patient.  She trusts her father’s handicraft skills 100%.
This is where the lift for the patients’ stretchers is being set up.  We will keep you updated on the project’s development.
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