A sharp increase in Peru’s official number of Corona-virus patients

At the moment no plateau is in sight

Worldwide Peru ranks 12th as to the number of those infected with Corona.  Yesterday it overtook China.  Almost all of the 84,495 patients live in Peru’s coastal area or in the Amazon lowland.  There are hardly any cases in the mountains.  And at an altitude of more than 2,500m the sickness seems to run a fairly gentle course.

In the national overview Apurímac State in which the Hospital Diospi Suyana is located has only 100 Corona-virus patients none of which currently need treatment on an intensive care unit.

Compared to this the pictures and scenarios in the lowland remind us of the state of Northern Italy two months ago.

No one can predict how things will develop.  Without the prospect of a vaccination appearing on the horizon the epidemic infestation will continue its march upwards.  And we expect that then, in a couple of months, the hospitals in Apurímac will also be full.  But, as we all know, any prediction is to be treated cautiously.