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The experience of a lifetime

A “voluntary social year” is a unique life experience

Working in a volunteer capacity Selina Waltersbacher is putting something extra into the envelopes containing Diospi Suyana’s Christmas round robins.  She feels amicably towards our organisation and willingly offers a helping hand whenever and wherever possible.  The young lady is currently doing a paedagogy degree and who knows, if she will work at the Diospi Suyana School someday again.  Since it was there that she spent an “international social voluntary year” until Corona brought her time in Curahuasi to an abrupt end.

For Selina the months spent at Diospi Suyana in Peru were invaluable; something she would never want to miss.  And she still misses the missionary community terribly.  It goes without saying that many things in Peru were totally different to what she was used to, but the cultural experience provided Selina with an interesting contrast to her own social and family background.

Should the vaccination programmes around the world be a success, then ten youths will be able to join our hospital or our school next August for their voluntary social year.  The duration is twelve months including the required seminars that are to be attended in Germany.

A voluntary social year is a chance to gather valuable memories that will last a lifetime.  Furthermore Diospi Suyana offers one a one year sabbatical in which one can reflect on and perhaps realign the next steps of one’s life.  So hopefully we will see each other in August and I warmly recommend you to contact Vera Schilp in our home office immediately:

Vera Schilp, Communications
Am Vogelsang 4, 35435 Wettenberg, Germany
vera.schilp@diospi-suyana.org ; +49 641 98463204 · Fon; +49 6442 943111 · Fax

Correcting work sheets at the school.  Julian Ade sits next to Selina.
A small building project.
Climbing Curahuasi’s local mountain with the other volunteers at the weekend.  Selina in the centre of the picture.
A trip to the ocean.  Peru, the country of the sun, is beckoning.