Large newspaper article in the catholic newspaper “Katholische Tagespost”

16 years after the first article

It was back in the autumn of 2004 that the “Katholische Tagespost” published an essay about Martina und Klaus-Dieter John’s dream of founding a modern hospital in The Andes.  Back then it was merely a declaration of intent.  But nevertheless the catholic weekly newspaper felt that this life vision of a German doctor couple was worth mentioning.

In today’s edition Emanuela Sutter, living in Vienna, describes Diospi Suyana as a big experiment between man and God.  And of course she is right.  Without God’s intervention the John’s ambitious idea would never have turned into a tangible reality of concrete and bricks.  An institution in which volunteers hailing from across the world employ High-Tec for treating the poorest of the poor.

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