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French translation of “I have seen God” could be finished by the end of the year

Jean Courtin is working extremely hard

On 25th September Jean Courtin wrote: “Reading your books – I discovered the first one four months ago – strengthened my faith and gave it new impulses.  Diospi Suyana’s story shows crystal clearly that when living one’s faith one must not hesitate to act and then God can work through you… yesterday we briefly spoke about the French version of the books.  Just as these books helped me, so I believe and hope that they will encourage many French-speaking-readers…!”

Roughly two months later, on 16th November, the next email came: “… the French translation is progressing nicely.  I have just received 55 tonnes of roof profiles for the (hospital) roof, i.e. I am over halfway.  I am having the text proofread as I translate.

If Mr Courtin keeps up this pace then Diospi Suyana’s first book will soon be available in a further world language.  For his hard work the Frenchman will not send us a bill.  He is motivated by an inner conviction.  Merci!