The cross at the wayside

Not a pleasant job for the voluntary fire brigade

Curahuasi in October.  It was a blue car driving through a dark night.  But the crash into the depths was most probably caused by the driver’s fatigue.  One can see the car’s bodywork below.  Without binoculars one can make out the two parts that once formed one car.  The cross at the wayside remains as do the family’s memories.

Sadly one finds these crosses at several places in the Andes.  Drunk-driving, inadequate wheel-profile, brakes that no longer ensure the passengers’ safety and speeding all play their part.

Who knows if these symbols of death have the same effect as the “anti-speeding-signs” on European motorways?  But, be that as it may, they remind us of our own finitude.  We all have to die be it at the bottom of a canyon or in a white bed and what then?

Is Jesus Christ’s statement correct that (s)he who trusts in him will inherit eternal life?

The man behind the wheel died latest when his car hit the canyon floor.
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