Simone Lücke – an extraordinary woman

On special ways through life

A small council in the A+E.  The Quechua Indian in the wheelchair wants to know if after 9 months of having broken her left shin she will be able to walk again normally.  Traumatologist Dr Friedemann Meiswinkel (right) is confident.  Dr Martina John (centre below) explains everything to the patient and her daughter.  The CT-scan shows an interesting diagnosis and Simone Lücke (centre above) has again learnt something.

Simone Lücke: in front of a lagoon in the Peruvian mountains.

The future doctor had originally planned to start working at the Hospital Diospi Suyana in March, but the pandemic put those plans on hold.  But now she is here and the student from Marburg in now half way through her five-week clinical traineeship.  Through her stay in Peru Simone is fulfilling a heartfelt wish for herself.  Having heard about Diospi Suyana at a symposium, she applied for a place at the missionary hospital in 2019.

Back then our colleague wrote:

“In August 2015 I went as a missionary to the Villa Serrano, a small village on the edge of the Bolivian Andes where I spent one year.  Back then the people there grew so close to my heart that I am delighted about every possibility to be able to be back in South America.


Simone Lücke teaching English in Bolivia in 2015.

But not only for this reason am I keen on your project.  I am also fascinated by the fact that faith and prayer play such a central role at Diospi Suyana.  I believe that only God can really heal and that we need his blessing and help in order to alleviate suffering and illness.

Which brings me to my third point as to why I would like to do my clinical traineeship with you in Curahuasi.  Since my time in Bolivia I hope to work in South America for a couple of years when I am qualified.  That is why I would be very thankful if I could gain some experience with you.

Looking forward to your positive reply!”

We were immediately interested in the young Catholic Christian, who firmly trusts in God and has already spent one year serving in South America.  And if she wants to work as a doctor in the Andes, why should she not work at Diospi Suyana?

Simone has read all three books about Diospi Suyana.  If she continues as she has started she might be a protagonist in book number 4 or 5. /KDJ