Peruvian head of state facing his last stand?

Chief prosecutor of the nation indicts Pedro Castillo

At shortly before 5 p.m., Dr. Patricia Benavides, head of the Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office, filed an official indictment against President Pedro Castillo with Congress. Their intervention has the status of a constitutional complaint, which will soon have to be dealt with by members of parliament.

According to Dr. Benavides, weeks of investigation have produced the following factual situation: Castillo acts as the head of a criminal organization. The available evidence is indeed overwhelming. Meanwhile, it is also known which companies financed Castillo’s election campaign and were awarded public contracts by presidential order after the election.

After barely 15 months in office, Castillo has brought the total to 72 ministers. However, the total political instability and corruption of the presidential family is topped before another realization. As several newspapers published yesterday, Pedro Castillo has achieved his deselection so far through collusion with 58!!! Congressmen prevented. With 130 parliamentarians, this means that almost half of them have made deals with the head of state for personal gain.

If Castillo dissolves parliament to prevent his ouster, the police and army will have the final say.

No matter what turbulent times Peru suffers, Diospi Suyana serves the most vulnerable in society as a work of faith. (RPP image)

The chart shows how many deputies from each party engaged in dirty deals with the Executive.
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