The leg is ice cold! Do we have to amputate it?

Dr. Thomas Tielmann has a better idea

The Quechua Indian from the state of Cusco knew exactly that things were bad for him. For days his right leg was ice cold. The pain increased steadily and he could no longer walk. It took only a few minutes and the doctors at Hospital Diospi Suyana made the correct diagnosis: the right iliac and leg artery was blocked. The reason? A blood clot had obstructed the vessel after leaving the aorta.

The right leg is cold and the skin is bluish marbled. The next stop for the patient is the operating room.
On the right side, angiography lacks visualization of the iliac and leg arteries. The red arrow shows the left iliac artery.

A leg without blood flow dies after a few hours and must be amputated unless the artery can be reopened.

Unfortunately, the thrombus could not be removed, but vascular surgeon Dr. Thomas Tielmann found another solution. Through a bypass, he was able to divert blood from the aorta to the right leg arteries. The result makes not only the patient happy, but also the whole team. The leg is warm, pink, supplied with blood and mobile.

Better a functioning limbs than a prosthetic leg without feeling and own muscle power.

Don’t you think we should extend Dr. Tielmann’s contract? I suggest by 20 years! /KDJ


After successful surgery, the leg is warm again and the pulse is detectable by Doppler.
The patient is monitored in the intensive care unit.
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