Peru is suffering from an extreme lack of doctors

The Government grants doctors from overseas immediate working licenses

The number of those infected with the Corona-virus is sky-rocketing.  Many doctors and nurses have contracted the pandemic.  Peru‘s public health system is desperately looking for thousands of doctors, but finds none.  Due to the current crisis the Peruvian Government has decreed that doctors from overseas can start working immediately without having to traverse the long, arduous journey through the official authorities in order to gain a Peruvian recognition of their title.

Without a doubt this is a step in the right direction.  Even some doctors at Diospi Suyana benefit from this emergency law and can put on their protective clothing and the facial shield immediately.

In probably three weeks 0.5mio Peruvians will officially have been tested positively with Corona.  Antibody-tests lead one to believe that the true number is ten times as high.  That means that 13% of the country (4.5mio Peruvians) is infected.

The number of the law is: N° 090-2020 (Decreto de Urgencia).

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