Totally voluntarily

Monday evening at 6p.m

The side door of the hospital’s church opens quietly and someone creeps into the sanctuary.  A few moments later a small group (between 3 and 10) has gathered.  A pillow to kneel on and a chair as a support.  For more than ten years now every Monday evening a special rendezvous takes place, a meeting with God. All participants have deep conviction and sincerity.

Everyone says what (s)he has on his/her heart.  One prays for the patients, another for the Government.  Every worry, but also every success-story can be formulated as a prayer.  The prayers remind each other that we humans are dependent on God and several of Diospi Suyana’s sympathisers believe that hurdles and difficulties can be overcome on one’s knees.

Volunteers from overseas and Peruvians from totally different church backgrounds stand/kneel in prayer side by side. Their origins and cultures rarely have anything in common.  But they are joined together by one deep hope: that someone exists who hears them and can act at any moment. /KDJ

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