Many showers and toilets

But not for Rody

When I buy a small chocolate in a corner store in the morning, a young man approaches me. “Is it true that Diospi Suyana is organizing a concert and that the group Rojo is coming from Mexico?” – Immediately I give him a little summary about our planned youth festival. “Rojo is also coming, but we will even host ten groups from eight countries!”

“What age group is allowed to attend the concerts?” – I hear that the interested questioner is called Rody and is 34 years old. And I think it’s brilliant that Rody knows Rojo and would like to be there. “Oh we are addressing the young people from 15 years,” I say and add, “and of course all those who are young at heart like me!”

Rody is satisfied. I have no doubt that he will be sitting in the Diospi Suyana amphitheater on Wednesday, April 26. Maybe even next to me.

In the evening, civil engineer Johannes Bahr sends me a drawing. Starting Monday, he plans to erect this building with showers and toilets with a large team. Where. Of course, on the upper campsite. Hundreds will use these sanitary facilities in two months, but not Rody. He certainly wants to sleep in his own bed and use his private shower in the morning. /KDJ

Rody also gets to go to Rojo’s concert.
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