Festival Diospi Suyana – the advertising has started

The official leaflet is available

Ten music groups from eight different countries have registered for the Diospi Suyana Festival. The evenings will be broadcast live over at least 12 FM frequencies. Yesterday, Doris Manco, Dr. John and Karina Pereyra presented Diospi Suyana’s new project to a radio audience in five states. In uncertain and sad times, Diospi Suyana celebrates a five-day festival of joy and faith. The flyer below describes in Spanish the content and objectives of the planned event.

Top: The leaflet outside; bottom: The leaflet inside

Flyer as PDF →

There was only one topic in the live broadcast at 11 a.m.: the first Diospi Suyana Festival in April 2023. (Legend from left to right: Karina Pereyra, Dr. Klaus John and Doris Manco.
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